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This is a time of introspection

Updated: May 1, 2020

Humanity right now acts like the cheated wife who "just wants things to go back to normal".

We are afraid, in denial, mocking others, taking frustration on others, go to the supermarket, go to work, make plans..."when this will be over"

We have no indication this will be over.

We have no indication this will not come in waves.

We have no indication we can go back.

Is it not time to sit in quiet, process the fear, the loss, and accept that now we have to do things differently?

Is it not the BEST time, when in confinement to take inventory of our good deeds, the people we helped, the people we loved, the people we hurt and see how our existence changed others or the planet, the world?

What was our contribution?

Most of us want to die of old age, in our sleep, vs in an accident or murdered. Maybe we will die in our sleep soon. It is more than a possibility, the way things are going.

Is it not time to come to terms with that, and start living differently and make different decisions?

If you knew for SURE, you will die this year, would you worry so much about school, work and "the future" or would you, after going through anger, negotiation and all the stages, spend your time in the best way possible, with the ones you love?

Sad, is it not?

But working till your last breath, is more than sad.

it's tragic.

Love each other. We may have a chance if we radically change the way we operate, eat, and live, and that is achieved only with loss. Let it be loss of the lifestyle.

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