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Let's make you a pro at breathing no 5

So ideally, now you have completed the program. You have utter control over your diaphragm and you have noticed changes in your life too. These could be: less stress, more joy, better sleep, positive thoughts, better skin, the list is endless.

Today I will introduce you to face exercises but first, I need to explain why the diaphragm is the key behind singing and voice acting or lecturing.

The diaphragm pushes air up the airway, and ideally that air vibrates your vocal chords who in turn make a sound. Opening your mouth in different ways and openings, creates a different sound. I am oversimplifying here as there are many other things happening and muscles involved, but I need you to keep that imagery.

When you have a nasal sound it means your tongue is blocking the air way. When your chin is too high or too low, you block the passage of air.

So the ideal is to be standing up, feet a bit appart, hand on diaphragm, and chin at 90 degrees. Shoulders relaxed.

The chin plays a major role in allowing or obstructing the air way and determining if we use our tool properly or hindering it.

So look at yourself in a mirror. Once you are in position, stick your tongue out, try to touch your chin, but without altering your position. Once your tongue in in place do two breaths.

Close your mouth.

Do it again. Observe the air coming out of your diaphragm, travel up and coming out of you, effortlessly, without an obstacle.

Then do the same with your tongue in your mouth.

Smile and do the same, then make an O with your mouth and do the same. Notice where the air hits, if it forms a "ball" of air.

Get control of your instrument.

For the net phase I will teach you how to relax your mouth.

Push your cheek with your tongue. 5 times. Then another 5 on the other side.

Lick your teeth in circular motions while keeping your mouth closed. 7 times clockwise and 7 times counter clockwise.

Stick your tongue out and try to touch your nose, then your chin. Open your mouth wide.

Then do it again.

So now this is your routine. Meditation, face exercises, stand up, breathing exercises.

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