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Let's make you a pro at breathing 3

Hi, there, did everything go as planned? Have you learned how to use your diaphragm, do you notice it better?

Today I will teach you how to release the fascia surrounding your diaphragm, but first I will explain what is fascia.

Fascia is the long white strip on the side of your leg, it is the ligament ending and according to a lot of people that is where its function ends.

In reality, in 2017 it was named the biggest and most important organ in our body. Those white strips are just endings. The real organ, is a jelly like substance, like a 3d web that is around your muscles, your cells, your body. In fact we are trapped in this goo, we are this goo.

This goo is communicating information faster than the nervous system, and this goo reacts to emotions and stress, by hardening. Sometimes in unreachable places.

You could say it is the medium that translates emotions to pain in the body. And most times the guilty party behind pain.

When we have a scar, the communication in that place is severed. And since it is connected all around, a pain in the shoulder could be because of a problem at the ankle and a headache could be related at a hardening around a uterus and so forth.

You can find all the literature online, if you want, but for now we are going to focus on the fascia that is between your diaphragm and your ribs.

Take two fingers, with your right hand ( if you are right handed) and lay them parallel to your ribs, just under them. Logically they point towards your face and your wrist is bend. Are you in position?

Now push the tip in and under your ribs, and slide in an outward movement, as if to lick the tip of the bone rib, sliding from in to out.

It can be a bit painful ( dont overdo it).

Imagine that you had goo under the rib cage and you slide your fingers trying to cut the strings and wipe it.

The movement must be from the inside of the body to the outside and only once.

Do the same with the other hand and rib.

Doesn't it give you the desire to breathe better?

Do your usual exercises again. Do you feel a difference?

You do not have to do this again, before 10 days.

Continue your meditation, breathing routine, adding 10 and 10 diaphragm exercises each morning and come back in a week.

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