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10 things to do when in self isolation

We never find the time to do the things we always wanted to do, even when in self isolation, but it is now or never. The time to look inside, take inventory of the flaws and good stuff about us we collected via experiences, processes and habits, and make a good spring cleaning, a good polish of our shiny spots and move towards acceptance. The one no one really has, otherwise they would all be monks in a mountain in Tibet, happy to just...be.

But as with everything, self awareness, acceptance, confidence, and satisfaction starts with one foot in front of the other. As every dish needs dicing, cooking sauteing, mushing, and every book starts with putting letters next to each other and form sounds that evoke feelings and imagery, our self exploration starts with activities. Pleasant ones. Here is a list of the "must-do" things you need to do while in self isolation.

-Meditate at least 5 minutes every morning, you will feel the change within a weeks time. ( you can use my ultra fast meditation in a precedent post_

-Read that book you always wanted to and always felt restless and guilty to take the time to read it.

-Think of all the people who hurt you and write them a letter. Don't send it. It is a huge purification process to express grudges and pain that we forced down.

-Learn guitar, or how to draw through youtube

-Grow plants out of your scraps. Celeri, sunflower seeds, cabbage, potatoes etc

-Think of the child you were and imagine yourself going to him/her and hug and love her/him, as much as you Know he/she needs it.

-Draw something. Knit something. Build something.

-Take a walk in nature if possible.

-Stop everything for 3 minutes every day. Stand in absolute silence. Just experience the moment. Observe the sounds, your breathing. The feeling of your skin.

-Take advantage of the time you were given without worrying about the economy, bills and tomorrow. Everything is here for a reason, to teach us something. The faster we will listen, and "get it", the faster we will breeze through it.

And finally, save a thought of love for the people suffering in hospitals right now, in wars. We are all connected.

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